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How to Obtain Caregiver License

Too Much

There are so many company’s, schools and organizations offering a slue of online degrees that it can be overwhelming to sift through the haze and digest everything that seems to come at you at lightening speed.  It can be equally difficult to know what the “best” training match is for you in terms of your career goals as a caregiver.  Caregiver training is not complex, nor difficult but it is important and necessary if you are working in a care home/assisted living facility.

Eliminating the Confusion Between Caregiver Verses CNA

Having said this, many prospective caregivers tend to mistaken caregiver training with CNA training. Quite the contrary.  Right off the top, CNA training is going to take longer and cost more than caregiver training and certification. Likewise, CNA training is typically more comprehensive than caregiver training is. Third, while many CNA’s may work in assisted living facilities you will often see CNA’s in a hospital or hospice settings, as opposed to caregivers who are typically seen in a broader range of settings to include family caregivers, private duty caregivers, live-in caregivers, home health company caregivers and assisted living facility caregivers.


What we are driving at here is that if you are looking to work in a care home/assisted living facility it is not necessary to acquire CNA training per se, instead look to obtain caregiver certification first. Acquiring caregiver certification first is less expensive and allows you time to test the waters of this field without spending a great deal of money on a career that you may ultimately opt not to work in. Finally, if you are to acquire caregiver certification then you want the best match for your career goals and your pocket book.  You will also want the most reputable and best organization at your side.  That organization is the American Caregiver Association; the National Standard for caregiver certification. There is no other.

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