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The National Standard for Caregivers

Over recent years there has been much debate about establishing a national standard for caregivers and caregiver training. Consequently, many organizations and individuals across the United States have come to the ACA asking us to put together a basic caregiver course that covers the essentials of this so very important job.  Likewise, it was asked of the ACA to end once and for all the debate about the differentiation in training requirements across the United States.  As a result, the American Caregiver Association has stepped forward to respond to this challenge and lead the way.  Having said this, the ACA has been around for a long time and we understand that the most important thing for our seniors is to have good quality caregivers at their side.

Likewise, we all want assurance that caregivers are trained at “some” level, understand the basic requirements for caregivers, and possess the requisite skills and knowledge needed to be an effective caregiver.  Having said this, no longer do caregivers across the United States have to wonder what the national standard is for caregivers, the national standard has been established by the American Caregiver Association via their National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC).  The course is simple and straight forward, but covers the essentials that caregivers need to know to be successful on the job and put both prospective employers and residents at ease. Keep in mind however, that the NCCC course is only the beginning of your career as a caregiver.  As a caregiver you will need, and be required to routinely participate in on-going hands training as well as academic coursework in order to remain on the cutting edge of the caregiver profession in terms of knowledge, skill and understanding.

Lastly, despite the need for training we should realize that how an individual performs on a caregiver exam is not indicative of “what kind” of caregiver they will actually be when it comes down to crunch time.  This must be kept in mind when employers look to hire the best caregivers for their assisted living facility.  Simply getting certified or having a college degree in gerontology does not guarantee that the caregiver you hire will meet your needs or expectations for that matter.  In other words, they may be a great academician, but lack a good bedside manner.  Finally, while the ACA course is the standard bearer for the caregiver industry nationally some may ask what the advantages of acquiring national caregiver certification though the ACA are.  Some of the benefits include:

  1. You meet the National Standard for caregiver certification by getting certified with the ACA

  2. Increased status in the caregiver industry

  3. More credibility

  4. More respect from your peers and prospective employers

  5. You add (“pad”) to your resume/CV

  6. Your name and student number are entered into our national database

  7. You are positioned better for job opportunities

  8. Affiliation with the most recognized caregiver organization in the United States

  9. A certificate you can proudly display in your home, office or workplace

  10. Pride in knowing that you are part of an organization that “cares” about YOU

These are but a few of the benefits of acquiring caregiver certification through the ACA. If you are interested in being a part of the American Caregiver Association or learning more about the ACA go to our “Caregiver Certification” link on our website at

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