What's the Process to Getting Caregiver Certified?

It’s easy to get certified with the American Caregiver Association.  Here’s the process step-by-step:

1.  Go to our website (www.americancaregiverassociation.org) and purchase the National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC).

2.  Within 24 hours you will receive your NCCC course in your email inbox.   The manual is in pdf format.

3.  This is a self-study course, so read through the NCCC course manual at your own convenience.  There are no time frames as far as completing the course  or exam.  You can finish in two days or two weeks, it’s up to you. 

4.  When you have finished reading through the entire NCCC manual send the ACA an email  requesting your NCCC exam.  

5.  We will send the NCCC exam to you within 24 hours.  The exam is in Word format. 

6.  Type in your answers to the exam, then save your exam as a file and attach it to your email to us for review.

7.  Upon successful completion of the NCCC exam, you will receive your NCCC certificate within 24-48 hours.

8.  You’re done!  

At this point you are now a part of the largest caregiver, assisted living manager and care home owner family in the United States.