This time of year we are deep into the holidays and perhaps for most of us of some age and experience we count our lucky stars to have another year to spend family and friends.  However, sometimes we forget that the holidays ought not be the only time that conjures our spirit of thankfulness.  Each and every day is special  and we should do well to consider this reality in more genuine terms.  That is, we ought to more fully appreciate every day that is granted us and those we love.  Yet, the holidays come and go every year and with it our conscious realization that it is so very important to be grateful for  the precious time that we have on this earth. 

As caregivers, we work yes, but we work taking care of our residents.  Having said this, the holidays present a special opportunity to be thankful for all that we have, but we should consider the residents that we care for and how their lives are affected by our actions, behaviors and sympathies.  More critically, we should not allow ourselves to become complacent in our work until the holidays arrive thereby providing the impetus to lift our spirits.  We should try to maintain this sense of  uplifting all year around. 

Of course, no one person, or caregiver can be expected to be “giddy” all year around.  We know that this is unrealistic. Rather, what I am referring to here is a state of mind, a consciousness of on-going thankfulness that extends beyond the holiday season.  As caregivers, how we act, behave and manage our lives is reflected in our work as caregivers.  Likewise, these elements transfer onto those we care for.  How are residents perceive us, our demeanor, and attitude about life equally transfers onto them and they are affected by it whether we acknowledge this or not.  Therefore, we ought to bear these things in mind as we go through our life and be thankful each and every day, not simply during the holidays.   

Merry Christmas to all the hard working caregivers out their! 

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