Each level of care represents particular challenges for both the caregiver and the resident. Supervisory care generally presents less of an impact to resident’s because it is expected that residents at this level of care can perform many of the same functions that they did prior to moving into an assisted living facility.

At the personal care level and into the directed care level, residents may feel less empowered as their ability to function independently decreases and reliance on caregivers increases. The impact on a resident at the directed care level is most profound as residents at this level are largely dependent upon caregivers to direct their care and services.

Regardless of the level of care in which a resident finds himself/herself it is important to understand that it is not merely the visual impact within the assisted living facility that we need to recognize. That is, we must recognize that impact that takes place in terms of what the resident has given up or lost as a result of having been placed into an assisted living facility or like venue.

At the top of this list is the loss of independence. Thus, it should be one of your goals as a caregiver to promote a resident’s independence as much as possible within the context of their ability to function on their own.  Happy turkey day to all of the hardworking caregivers and those you care for. 

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