Well, we have made it through another year caregivers.  Every day, every week, every month and every year bring challenges into our lives; some challenges come on their own, while others we invite by making poor choices.  With 2013 winding down and another year quickly approaching let us all make a commitment to doing what is right, good, just and moral.  Let us also think well and ensure that before we make any decision that we first think on it long enough to make a decision based on the totality of the circumstances presented before us. 

Yes, we are caregivers, but we are individuals first.  And, while we help others, we ought to ensure that we are in a position to do the very best we can for others by first making sure that we are grounded in goodness.  As the new year inches its way toward us let us reflect upon what we have done this year.  Let us learn from our past, and let us not repeat our errors by ignoring our past.  We must make good decisions, surely, but let us also love one another and help those who are lost, whether in the care home facility or other place.

We are more than caregivers, we are image-bearers of God and let us not forget that while we are imperfect that we strive to be perfect in all that we do, not only in the care home, but with our families, our friends, and those whom we are yet to meet.  You will meet someone new this coming year, so please do not waste the opportunity to impact their life for good, just as you would not waste the same opportunity to impact your own child’s life for good.

Have a blessed 2014 to all.


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