Caregiver Jobs!

We get a variety of requests from people all over the United States and around the globe asking how the American Caregiver Association can help with finding jobs for caregivers. The first thing we ask is whether or not the individual in question is a certified caregiver. We will also ask whether or not they have completed any other caregiver training outside of certification. Often times, we are surprised to learn that many people who contact us asking for assistance with finding a caregiver job are not certified.

At this juncture, we find ourselves having to take a step back with the person because the he or she has not realized that prior to obtaining gainful employment as a caregiver, they need to acquire their caregiver certification, along with meeting several additional requirements typically. Once the caregiver understands the requirement of becoming certified we then work our way through the process of helping he/ she understand how to promote themselves as a qualified caregiver looking for a job.

In part, this means us conveying the importance of registering with various job websites such as Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder, but potential caregivers should also consider getting registered with other professional websites such as or These websites are great resources of information and provide a number of links to other helpful caregiver websites.

But, it is not simply enough to rely on job websites, or any website for that matter.  If you are looking for work as a caregiver you need to ‘walk the walk’. That is, look the part, talk the part and educate yourself about the profession.  You should also attempt to talk to every person you come in contact with. Tell them what you are looking for in a job, and just plain tell them that you are looking for work as a caregiver.  In other words, spread the word, and be consistent about it.

You cannot reasonable expect to find work as a caregiver by hiding at home, or telling only those around you that you are looking for work.  As has often been said; when you are looking for a job, finding that job is your job.  Once you understand this, you are well on your way toward making progress in the the right direction and ultimately landing work as a caregiver.

At the end of the day, it is vitally important to remember that certification comes first. And, when you want the best, most affordable and flexible caregiver certification course, then look no further then the American Caregiver Association. We are the national and parent caregiver certifying organization in the United States and around the globe.  When you are ready to be a certified caregiver, be sure to visit our website at

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