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HUNTERTOWN, Ind. (WANE) – Angie Steel usually relies on her caregiver, but on the morning of February 19, the roles would change. The Huntertown Fire Department would honor her with her heroic actions on that day.

Angie heard a loud noise, which woke her up out of her sleep. She went to see where the noise came from and saw her caregiver unconscious. She called 911 telling the operator what happened.

“For that to happen and for a resident of a group home to be able to do that was very astonishing and we were very proud of Angie for doing that,” said Robert Boren with the Huntertown Fire Department.

Angie stayed with paramedics until her caregiver was taken to the hospital. It was an emotional time for her to see her caregiver unresponsive.

“It hurt me real bad and I was sad,” she explained.

Huntertown fire crew members and the dispatcher who spoke with Angie during the 911 call visited her Tuesday and awarded her with the “Certificate of Heroism” award. Angie feels good for the good deed that she’s done.

“That makes me proud,” she said.

The caregiver has since been treated and released from the hospital. She’s now back to work.

Boren shared that other group homes need to make sure there are protocols in place for everyone inside the home in case something happens to staff and residents.

“Hopefully we’re looking at other group homes that will look at this, and say ‘hey we need to make sure our residents know the proper procedures’ because they’re able to handle an emergency just as much as anyone else,” he said.


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