Caregiver Training Programs

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Like so many other questions that we get from all of the wonderful caregivers out there in the United States and around the globe, this question is one that has to be answered clearly.


Because, while there are a number of terrific caregiver training programs that you can go through online or in-person, it’s important to understand that there is only one national certifying body and accrediting body for caregivers, the American Caregiver Association. The ACA has been around for decades, and long ago took the lead in both educating and certifying senior caregivers, and accrediting adult care homes at the national level. We also took the lead in establishing and maintaining the National Caregiver Registry, or NCR. This is the Official registry for caregivers in the United States and the one that you want to be in. The only way to gain entry into the NCR is to be certified with the American Caregiver Association.

Where the issue comes in is when caregivers are searching around the Internet looking to acquire caregiver certification and come across a variety of training programs, some of which are not even applicable to the type of caregiving that they are wanting to do. There are also those ‘programs’ that are simply looking to make a quick buck, nothing more, nothing less. Consequently, they’re not so much interested in actually providing quality caregiver training and certification as they are in lining their pockets. So, buyer be ware for these types of so-called caregiver training programs that provide little or no value to you in terms of your goals as a caregiver.

Of course, this is not to say that there are not legitimate caregiver training programs, but many of these are at the state level, meaning that they are state approved training programs. These caregiver training programs generally exist for the sole purpose of those wanting to work in licensed assisted living facilities in the states that require caregivers to be certified at the state level in order to work in such facilities. Now, whereas state caregiver certification typically has a singular purpose; to work in a licensed facility in a given state, national caregiver certification plays a much larger role.

That is, there are any number of reasons why caregivers might be taking a caregiver certification course with the American Caregiver Association. For example, some might desire ACA certification to pad their resume or increase their opportunities for employment, others might simply want to learn more about how to care for a loved one still living at home. Still others, may acquire ACA certification because a client’s insurance company requires it, or because it’s a continuing education requirement (e.g., CEU).

Further, there are those who want to start their own private duty caregiver service business, which is the best opportunity in the field of caregiver currently. And, there are those who work overseas as caregivers and want to acquire national caregiver certification with the ACA for any number of additional reasons. So, there is, in deed, a slue of reasons why people obtain ACA certification, not always because they are seeking employment as a caregiver, or have to meet a state requirement, etc.

At the end of the day, it’s important to ensure that you are in good hands as it concerns your caregiver certification. This means not only obtaining your certification through the ACA, then subsequently gaining entry into the National Caregiver Registry once you have completed your course with us. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us here, or call us at 1-800-625-8108.