Patent Foramen Ovale – Update on Device Closure

From: Mayo Clinic News Network

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Joining us today to discuss patent foramen oval (PFO) is Jason Anderson, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Anderson specializes in interventional structural heart disease. Tune in to learn more about PFOs and an update on device closures. 

Specific topics discussed:
• Why consider closing a PFO?  
• How is it best diagnosed — and pearls for diagnosis?
• Post procedure — what should the non-interventionalist be aware of in terms of care or potential complications?
• What is the patient experience when coming in for a PFO device closure?
• Are there certain characteristics of PFO closure devices that make you choose one device over another?
• Is there an age cut-off to your recommendation to undergo PFO device closure?
• Some patients may have allergies, such as a nickel intolerance, does this effect the choice of device or option to proceed with catheter-based closure?