Artificial intelligence massage therapy? Meet the robot being studied by Mayo Clinic

From: Mayo Clinic News Network

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This is EMMA. EMMA stands for expert manipulative massage automation. It’s a robot designed to give a therapeutic form of massage called Tuina (twee-nah).

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is currently studying the use of Tuina for patients with chronic nonspecific lower back pain.

That’s where EMMA or robotic massage could help by supplementing some of the work.

EMMA’s artificial intelligence system uses sensors to measure muscle stiffness and calculate the acupoints in each person’s body. Mayo Clinic is hoping to lead the way by conducting clinical evaluations of EMMA.
For the safety of its patients, staff and visitors, Mayo Clinic has strict masking policies in place. Anyone shown without a mask was recorded prior to COVID-19 or recorded in an area not designated for patient care, where other safety protocols were followed.

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