Transforming Women’s Health: Insights from Mayo Clinic’s Conference – Day 3

From: Mayo Clinic News Network

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Watch highlights from day 3 of the 2023 conference on women’s health, featuring experts on gynecology, dermatology, mood disorders, and more. Learn about cutting-edge treatments for conditions like adverse childhood experiences, STIs, and menopause symptoms.

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The Transforming Women’s Health conference covers a wide range of topics related to women’s health, including:
• Menopause
• Mood and anxiety disorders
• Adverse childhood experiences
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Gynecology issues
• Dermatology
• Sexual health

Experts from Mayo Clinic and The National American Menopause Society share the latest research and treatments for these conditions:
What is menopause and how can it be treated?
What are some common mood and anxiety disorders in women?
What are adverse childhood experiences and how can they impact women’s health?
How can I reduce my risk of sexually transmitted infections?
What are some common gynecology issues and how can they be treated?