National Assisted Living Facility Accreditation (NALFA)




The ACA is the national accrediting entity for assisted living facilities in the United States. Why get NALFA for your assisted living facility?

  • It gives your assisted living facility/care home more credibility which can translate into more clients
  • Pride in knowing that you are part of an organization that “cares” about YOU
  • It affiliates your facility with the oldest national caregiver organization in the U.S.
  • It demonstrates your willingness to professionalize your facility and the caregiver industry as a whole
  • You meet the National Standard for assisted living facility accreditation with the ACA
  • Your facility name is entered into our national database along with your unique NALFA ID number
  • You receive a certificate of accreditation you can proudly display in your home, office or workplace
  • You “pad” your facility resume
  • Increased status in the caregiver industry
  • More respect from your peers and employees

Note: Accreditation is required to be renewed annually.

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