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Stop Stress Eating! How to avoid unwanted pounds while caregiving

More at... http://youtu.be/ymA03oinlCo http://youtu.be/ymA03oinlCo Eating when you're frustrated, anxious or bored is a common reaction. Caregiving raises our stress and ...
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Majority of Hospice Workers Don’t Have End-of-life Wishes Themselves

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/majority-of-hospice-workers-dont-have-end-of-life-wishes-themselves/ There are approximately 6,100 hospices nationwide that provide care for about 1.6 million patients annually. On a ...
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2018 – The Caregiver’s Voice 20th Anniversary

More at... http://thecaregiversvoice.com/avadian-musings/2018-the-caregivers-voice-20th-anniversary/ It’s The Caregiver’s Voice 20th Anniversary! Twenty years ago, encouraged by support group members, The Caregiver’s Voice ...
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Tips for Creating a Caregiver Schedule

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/tips-for-creating-a-caregiver-schedule/ Here’s the pattern. I wake-up optimistic and end the day collapsed in defeat.  I wake-up every morning ...
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Parenting my parents

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/parenting-my-parents/ “I feel as if I’m parenting my parents.” As the holidays approach, you may be bracing yourself ...
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What Starts Alzheimer's, What Stops It

More at... http://youtu.be/CsFzUn2g-rg http://youtu.be/CsFzUn2g-rg For the first time in the history of Alzheimer's, researchers have the chance to provide people ...
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Self-Care for Caregivers: Your Burden Matters

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/self-care-for-caregivers-your-burden-matters/ Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s or a family member with a disability sometimes isn’t always a ...
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What a difference a year has made

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/what-a-difference-a-year-has-made/ Last year at this time my husband knew who I was. He could recognize our sons, even ...
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Health-Monitoring Tech to Make Caregiver’s Lives Easier

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/health-monitoring-tech-to-make-caregivers-lives-easier/ Being a caregiver isn’t always an easy task. Even though you deeply love the person for whom ...
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Gift ideas for your parent who is going to die

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/gift-ideas-for-your-parent-who-is-going-to-die/ A few weeks ago I was drinking beer and eating meatballs with a new friend in a ...
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