Family Caregiving

How to Get Paid to be a Caregiver for Parents

Thanks for visiting our page on how to get paid to be a caregiver for parents. When you are thrust into the position of being a family caregiver for one of your parents often it is necessary to give up your job to do so. When this happens one of your goals may be to find out how to get paid to be a caregiver for your parent. This said, generally you will get paid through your parent’s insurance. So, your first task is to contact your parent’s insurance company as ask them how you get paid to take care of your parent. If in-home care if covered in their policy, you will need to ask them what you specifically need to do to get paid to be a caregiver for your parent.

Need certification for another purpose besides family caregiving? We certify for many reasons.

Working with Insurance Companies

Most likely, the insurance company will require that you become a certified caregiver in order to obtain compensation for caregiving for your parent. Having said this, insurance companies are not caregiver certifying organizations, but they will sometimes dictate that you obtain a caregiver “license.” However, caregivers are not licensed, they are considered non-medical staff and are ‘certified’. This is where the American Caregiver Association comes into the picture. The American Caregiver Association is the national certifying organization for caregivers, and we have been certifying family caregivers for a long time as part of the role we play at both national and global levels.

Why You Need Caregiver Certification

The American Caregiver Association routinely certifies family caregivers looking to get paid through insurance (i.e., long-term care insurance, private insurance, Veterans, etc.) for taking care of a parent or other loved one. Now, regardless of whether you can get paid for caring for your parent or not we strongly encourage you to obtain caregiver certification. Why? Firstly, you will acquire the necessary caregiver knowledge needed to properly care for your parent. Second, if you end up needing the certification, you already have it. Third, your caregiver certification is the building block for further learning. And, as your parent’s level of caregiver changes you will want to have that added knowledge on hand as a family caregiver.

What Caregiver Course Do You Need When You are a Family Caregiver?

As a family caregiver, when you are seeking to get paid for taking care of your parent the caregiver course that we recommend for family caregiving, and insurance purposes, is our National Caregiver Certification Course. Cost for the National Caregiver Certification Course is $99. The entire process is completed through email, and you can complete the caregiver course within 2-3 days easily. Pick up the National Caregiver Certification Course here

Verifying your Caregiver Credentialing

Once you are a certified caregiver at the national level, you will be entered into the National Caregiver Registry, or NCR. The American Caregiver Association oversees the NCR. The National Caregiver Registry is the database that insurance companies will want to check when seeking to validate your caregiver credentialing. To do this, the insurance company will contact the American Caregiver Association and we will verify your caregiver certification on your behalf. Pick up the National Caregiver Certification Course here. We hope this information on how to get paid to be a caregiver for parents has been useful. If not, do let us know so that we can improve our page!

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