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Personal Care Assistant Certification

A lot of people come to our website asking about PCA Certification or Personal Care Assistant Certification. One of the first questions that they ask is whether or not Personal Care Assistant Certification is the same as caregiver certification. The answer is yes. Personal Care Assistant Certification is caregiver certification. When you acquire Personal Care Assistant certification you will perform the same duties as a caregiver because you are a caregiver.

The word “caregiver” is the master keyword that essentially describes anyone who is providing care to someone else. PCA certification is simply one of many titles or designations that is used to describe caregivers. However, the term Personal Care Assistant is commonly used in the caregiver field which it why you see it so much. As the national certifying organization for caregivers, the American Caregiver Association sets the titles and designations for caregivers at the national level. If you are just starting out, needing caregiver certification for an insurance purpose or any other reason we recommend the National Caregiver Certification Course below. You can complete your course within 2-3 days, and the entire process is conducted through email. Once you have completed your caregiver certification course you will be entered into the National Caregiver Registry (NCR). Get Caregiver Certification here

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What do you do after you obtain PCA Certification?

Some of the duties you perform as after you obtain your caregiver certification include monitoring the condition of clients, residents, or family members who may have disabilities or chronic illnesses. More specifically, you will help them with what is referred to as ‘activities of daily living’, or ADLs which is any type of activity that they will be doing throughout the day such as showering, eating, or walking. The essential purpose of your job as a Personal Care Assistant is to improve the quality of life for your clients, residents or loved ones. Likewise, your job is to help people recover and live in a safe, happy, healthy environment.

It is common after the acquisition of caregiver certification for a Personal Care Assistant to work with the same person for many years. When a Personal Care Assistant is working with people who are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery the amount of time that the Personal Care Assistant spends working with one patient is sometimes shorter in length, typically only a few weeks. One of the reasons that a Personal Care Assistant is often called in to help with a patient who needs short-term care is that family is not always able to meet the needs of a loved one during the recovery. Get Caregiver Certification here

Where Do You Work After You Obtain PCA Certification?

One you obtain Personal Care Assistant certification you may work in a variety of different settings to include the homes of your clients, assisted living facilities or group homes, adult day care centers, and within the homes of loved ones.

Typically, once you have acquired caregiver certification, you will work full time. There are also over-night positions, and you may work part-time as well. There are, in fact any number of job venues that you might find yourself in after you obtain PCA certification. Get Caregiver Certification here

Salary After PCA Certification

The average salary for a Personal Care Assistant is around $27,000 annually. One of the best things about acquiring Personal Care Assistant certification is that fact that the employment outlook looks good moving forward. In fact, the Personal Care Assistant field is expected to grow well over 30 percent from 2020 to 2030. This is a much greater pace than most other occupations. So, there is a lot of opportunity for you looking ahead once you obtain your PCA certification. Get Caregiver Certification here

Personal Care Assistant Role

It’s important to make the point that a Personal Care Assistant are not intended to take over the responsibilities of nurses or doctors, although sometimes there is a tendency to rely heavily on the Personal Care Assistant because they spend so much time with their clients, patients, or family members. Likewise, once you acquire PCA certification and are on the job, the services that you provide are always according to doctor’s orders and the patient, client, or loved one’s service plan. Get Caregiver Certification here

Bottom Line Once You Obtain PCA Certification

While there are a lot of different names, titles, and designations for caregivers such as the aforementioned PCA Certification, Personal Care Assistant Certification, or caregiver certification, the bottom line is not the title. It is how you provide care after you receive your caregiver certification that will determine how well you improve the quality of life for those you care for. Get Caregiver Certification here