National Caregiver Registry


Thanks for visiting our National Caregiver Registry page. The American Caregiver Association is the national certifying and accrediting organization for caregivers, assisted living managers and assisted living facilities. And, the largest caregiver certifying body around the globe.

The American Caregiver Association oversees and maintains the Official National Caregiver Registry (NCR). Once you successfully complete any course with the ACA you are entered into the national registry. And, when a prospective employer, insurance company or other entity contacts the ACA about your certification status we are able to verify your caregiver credentialing as an active certified caregiver in good standing in the NCR.

The NCR is an internal registry. No external sources have access to your information without the ACA's authority. This means that we are are looking out for you, and protecting your personal information.

The NCR is important on many fronts. First, it provides you with instant credibility as a caregiver. Second, NCR status means that you are in the largest most secure caregiver database in the world. Third, the NCR catalogues each certification that you have with the American Caregiver Association. Forth, the NCR details any memberships that you have with us. This includes both standard membership, as well as DBA (Doing Business As) membership.

Fifth, your status in the NCR details whether or certification is on 'active' or 'pending status in the NCR. Pending status means that you are yet to complete your certification with the ACA. Active status in the NCR means that you have completed your course with the ACA and are currently certified.

Of course, the only way to gain entry into NCR is by completing a formal caregiver cortication course with the American Caregiver Association. To view all of our other videos please visit our YouTube channel here. If you have any question about the NCR please email us at, call us at 1-800-625-8108, or chat with us right here on our website.

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