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Caregiver Duty To Report

One topic that is very important but rarely talked about is caregiver duty to report.   Most states have reporting requirements for healthcare ...
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National Assisted Living Facility Accreditation (NALFA)

Apply now! The most respected national caregiver organization in the United States is proud to offer National Assisted Living Facility ...
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Personal Care Aide Certification and Caregiver Certification; It's all in the "Name"

Often times we are asked what the difference is between a “Personal Care Aide” and a “Caregiver.”  Really, the only ...
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Get The Best “Match”

Right now, there are so many company’s, schools and organizations offering a slue of online degrees that it can be ...
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The Perplexed Resident and Communication

No one would argue that attempting to communicate with your residents who are suffering the ill effects of a disorder like dementia can ...
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The National Standard for Caregivers

Over recent years there has been much debate about establishing a national standard for caregivers and caregiver training. Consequently, many ...
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Honor Your Parents

What do we mean by the phrase "honor your parents"?  When we talk about the caregiver profession, and in particular, those ...
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Levels of Care

Often times, as the leader of caregiver certification across the United States we are asked by caregiver students about the ...
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Basics of Record Keeping in an Assisted Living Facility

As a caregiver you are responsible for record keeping and documentation. As such, you must keep any and all resident ...
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Volunteering is Wonderful but Put Employers at Ease and Get Caregiver Certification

It 's wonderful to volunteer your time as a caregiver, but if you are spending a significant amount of your time ...
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