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Alzheimers, Aromatherapy & Antipsychotics – Just the Facts

More at... http://youtu.be/kt9yTgECynM http://youtu.be/kt9yTgECynM How do lemon balm, rosemary, lavender and other aromas affect people with dementia? Studies show surprising ...
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What Starts Alzheimer's, What Stops It

More at... http://youtu.be/CsFzUn2g-rg http://youtu.be/CsFzUn2g-rg For the first time in the history of Alzheimer's, researchers have the chance to provide people ...
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Is Copper Behind the Alzheimer's Epidemic?

More at... http://youtu.be/8rUh66fwuJU http://youtu.be/8rUh66fwuJU DIET VIDEO: One of the great remaining medical mysteries is: "What is behind the dramatic rise ...
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Blood Test May Prevent Alzheimer's

More at... http://youtu.be/I76_j16PsgA http://youtu.be/I76_j16PsgA Doctors think that one reason so many Alzheimer's drug trials failed is because once Alzheimer's is ...
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The Caregiver’s Voice REVIEW – At Death’s Door

More at... http://thecaregiversvoice.com/tcv-review/the-caregivers-voice-review-at-deaths-door/ At Death’s Door brings to life the end of life. Many of us remain unaware of the ...
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Caregivers, it's time to speak up! Want more support? Let's ask for it.

More at... http://youtu.be/PpvtUKSjneY http://youtu.be/PpvtUKSjneY Healthcare laws in the US are changing. Now's the time to ask for what you want ...
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A Congressman & a Comedian Take Alzheimer's to Washington

More at... http://youtu.be/__RUIRM976c http://youtu.be/__RUIRM976c A Congressman & a comedian present everything you wanted to know about the state of Alzheimer's ...
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How to ask your representatives for caregiver support

More at... http://youtu.be/ZM7dqtcDqS8 http://youtu.be/ZM7dqtcDqS8 Want more support for caregivers? Here's how to ask for it.... Read More
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THANK YOU! Over $1300 raised!

More at... http://youtu.be/oG5utrGL9XY http://youtu.be/oG5utrGL9XY Our media director, Allie Axel, thanks supporters for getting us to 22000 likes and over $1300 ...
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