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How to Strengthen Your Core without Hurting Your Back

More at... http://youtu.be/D9QEvjLqTK8 http://youtu.be/D9QEvjLqTK8 Another five minute fix from PhysEd for Caregivers.... Read More
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This Crazy Thing Called Caregiving

More at... https://www.caregiverstress.com/2017/08/this-crazy-thing-called-caregiving/ A family caregiver shares her many experiences providing care for her senior mother in their home. The ...
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Experience 12 Minutes In Alzheimer's Dementia

More at... http://youtu.be/LL_Gq7Shc-Y http://youtu.be/LL_Gq7Shc-Y Just what is a loved one with dementia going through? A 12-minute virtual Alzheimer's tour reveals ...
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Older cancer patients rate own physical abilities as better than their caregivers do

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/older-cancer-patients-rate-own-physical-abilities-as-better-than-their-caregivers-do/ Older cancer patients and their caregivers often differ in their assessment of the patient’s physical abilities, with ...
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What do caregivers need to know?

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/caregivers-need-know/ Family caregivers find themselves needing to know everything from the finer details of drug interactions to how ...
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How has caregiving changed you?

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/how-has-caregiving-changed-you/ How do you know you’re a caregiver? It’s tricky to decide — how many hours? What sorts ...
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Healthy Nutrition and Mealtime for Seniors – Professional Caregiver Webinar

More at... https://www.caregiverstress.com/geriatric-professional-resources/development-training/healthy-nutrition-mealtime-seniors/ The more families know about the aging factors that can affect eating habits, the easier it will ...
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Family Caregiver Alliance launches an online service for family caregivers of adults with serious health conditions

More at... https://thecaregiverspace.org/family-caregiver-alliance-launches-an-online-service-for-family-caregivers-of-adults-with-serious-health-conditions/ For the first time, family caregivers can get support and information tailored for their situation–free, secure, and ...
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That Silver Lining? It’s Real

More at... https://www.caregiverstress.com/2017/08/silver-lining-real/ I’m like everybody else. I go about my business day after day, and eventually I begin to ...
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Dementia 101 in 101 Seconds

More at... http://youtu.be/_KlRpFu1Ub8 http://youtu.be/_KlRpFu1Ub8 See dementia explained quickly and easily. Learn new facts and understand dementia better. For in-depth understanding, ...
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