Basics of Record Keeping in an Assisted Living Facility

As a caregiver you are responsible for record keeping and documentation. As such, you must keep any and all resident ...
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Volunteering is Wonderful but Put Employers at Ease and Get Caregiver Certification

It 's wonderful to volunteer your time as a caregiver, but if you are spending a significant amount of your time ...
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I Need Caregiver Certification!

Look no further than the national leader in caregiver certification, the American Caregiver Association.  We are the most recognized name ...
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Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)

Activities of Daily Living, or "ADLs" as they are referred to in the caregiver profession are an important part of the ...
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Caregivers and Resident Incontinence

Being a caregiver or manager is challenging enough in itself, but it is definitely made more challenging when the residents in your assisted living ...
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