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ACA Membership

Welcome to our ACA Membership page. Your membership is good for one year. After purchase, your name, along with your unique membership identification number is entered into our National Caregiver Registry. Your welcome letter along with your membership certificate will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

Why You Need to Obtain Membership

When you obtain membership with the American Caregiver Association you are becoming a member of the largest caregiver certifying organization in the world. And this should not be taken lightly in any sense. Your membership means that you are telling those around you in the field of caregiving that you a genuinely serious about being associated with the top tier association for caregivers in the United States and the world.

Your membership means that you are endorsing the good work that the American Caregiver Association does around the globe to promote caregiver education for those entering the field or interested in caregiving. Your membership means that you are privy to new courses, updates, and information that non-members are not privy to. It means that you are in a select group of caregivers that have enhanced credibility in the caregiver field.

This wasn’t always the case, but it is now thanks to the wonderful care team we have at the American Caregiver Association that has worked so diligently over the years to professionalize the caregiver industry, help caregivers of all types and in all situations acquire caregiver certification. The American Caregiver Association is continually committed to helping caregivers in the United States and around the world obtain both caregiver certification and ACA membership. We hope that our continued efforts truly helps those who need it.

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