Caregiver ID Card



Caregiver ID Card

You are eligible to purchase a caregiver identification card along with a certification course or bundle, or after you have completed either our National Caregiver Certification Course, Advanced National Caregiver Certification Course, or National Assisted Living Manager Certification Course. Please note that no identification cards are issued unless you have completed a formal caregiver certification course (i.e., NCCC or ANCCC) with the American Caregiver Association and are currently certified.

Durable Cards

The identification cards are hard PVC plastic and are very durable. The caregiver identification card includes your name, certification number, date of issue, expiration date and your active ACA caregiver certifications. Your caregiver identification card will also have a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone to verify that the identification card is authentic. When you scan the card it will take you to the American Caregiver Association website. This is how you verify that your caregiver card is genuine.

Please allow 7-10 days for the card to arrive after your order is placed.

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