Certificate of Caregiver Ethics: Level 1



Certificate of Caregiver Ethics: Level 1

Thanks for visiting our Certificate of Caregiver Ethics: Level 1 page. The most important thing about being a caregiver is the trust factor. The families of those you care for must be able to trust you. The residents or clients that you care for trust you, and your co-workers and supervisors trust you.

But what kind of ‘trust’ are we talking about?

They all trust that you are going to do the right thing; the right way, at the right time, all the time. So, what is trust about in the broader sense?


If you can’t be trusted to do the right thing then where does this leave you? Chances are, you are going to be last on the list of caregivers to be hired, if you are on the list at all.

So, how to do YOU stand out among the crowd of caregivers?

By going beyond words. Simply telling others that you are are honest, moral and ethical isn’t enough. Actions truly do speak louder than words. By acquiring our Certificate of Caregiver Ethics Level 1 Certification you tell everyone around you in a very tangible way that you care about doing the right thing, and that you are dedicated and willing to take that extra step to demonstrate your commitment to providing high quality care.

Who takes this Course?

  • New caregivers
  • Experienced caregivers
  • Caregivers who wants to enhance their resume with added certification
  • Caregivers who want to explore the subject of Ethics
  • Caregivers who need to fulfill a continuing education requirement (CEU).
  • The ACA grants 20 hours of in-class credit for the CCEL1 course.

The bar has been raised for caregivers. Caregiver certification is not enough if you want to increase your trust factor and establish your credibility in the caregiver industry. Do not be a caregiver  that gets left behind. Make yourself stand out among the crowd. Acquire your Certificate of Caregiver Ethics Level 1 certification here today.

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