Caregiver Business Bundle



Are you wanting to start your own private duty caregiver service business, but you aren’t sure what you need to get started? As the national accrediting body for caregivers, the American Caregiver Association is here to help with our Caregiver Business Bundle. The bundle includes the essential things you need to get yourself up and running as an independent care provider.

The Caregiver Business Bundle includes:

  • National Caregiver Certification Course
  • 120 hours of in-class credit for the NCCC course
  • The Start Your Own Caregiver Service Business Guide
  • Caregiver ID Card
  • DBA (Doing Business As) Membership with the American Caregiver Association
  • National Caregiver Registry (NCR) status as an independent care provider
  • The added value that you get with this bundle is that you get a secondary status in the NCR as an Independent Provider, as well as DBA (e.g., “Doing Business As”) status in the NCR.

Starting Your Own Caregiver Service Business

You might think that it’s difficult to start your own caregiver service business. The fact is, it is not as difficult as you might think. As long as you are motivated, caring, and ethical there is nothing that can stop you from creating a great caregiver service business.

One of the first questions that people ask when they are considering starting a business of any kind is, “where do I start?” If you are going to start your own caregiver service business your first order of business is to become a nationally certified caregiver with the American Caregiver Association, the national certifying and accrediting organization for caregivers.

But why should you obtain caregiver certification? Because it does several things for you. First, when you are ready to start recruiting clients, one of the first questions that family will ask is whether or not you are a certified caregiver. A client, their family, or another person overseeing the care of a family member or friend, is likely to be skeptical about your qualifications and abilities to perform the duties required if you lack caregiver certification.

Secondly, family, friends, and other loved ones want peace of mind knowing that whoever is caring for their loved one will be providing the best quality care that they deserve. This starts with the assurance that you are a nationally certified caregiver.

Third, without national caregiver certification you lack credibility, and a client or their family is unlikely to hire you. The fact is, there is an expectation that you have some training or education to do what you are doing. Otherwise, they would not be looking to hire you in the first place. So, do not put yourself in a negative position right off the start by failing to obtain national caregiver certification with the American Caregiver Association.

Forth, when you acquire national caregiver certification you garner respect in the industry. When others ask if you are certified, you can proudly say, “Yes, I am certified with the American Caregiver Association.” It is also important to point out that your certification gains you entry into the National Caregiver Registry, or NCR. The NCR is what prospective clients will check when wanting to verify your credentialing with the American Caregiver Association.

Now, a key to your success from this point forward is providing you with a series of Action Steps to guide you to where you want to go in achieving your goal of starting your own caregiver business. What is important to understand at this point is that gathering a lot of information and doing nothing with it will accomplish nothing. While this is a straightforward concept, you might be surprised to learn how many people simply collect a lot of information about a topic with the intent of doing something with it, but never do anything beyond their research. Action Steps are intended to get you both focused and motivated. For more information about these action steps please do watch our video series on Starting Your Own Caregiver Service Business on here


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