National Assisted Living Facility Accreditation



The ACA is the national accrediting entity for assisted living facilities in the United States. Why get National Assisted Living Facility Accreditation for your assisted living facility?

  • It gives your assisted living facility/care home more credibility which can translate into more clients
  • Pride in knowing that you are part of an organization that “cares” about YOU
  • It affiliates your facility with the oldest national caregiver organization in the U.S.
  • It demonstrates your willingness to professionalize your facility and the caregiver industry as a whole
  • You meet the National Standard for assisted living facility accreditation with the ACA
  • Your facility name is entered into our national database along with your unique NALFA ID number
  • You receive a certificate of accreditation you can proudly display in your home, office or workplace
  • You enhance your facility resume
  • Increased status in the caregiver industry
  • More respect from your peers and employees

Note: Accreditation is required to be renewed annually.

Why Get This Accreditation?

Regardless of why you choose to acquire this accreditation we believe that doing so is a wise decision because of the enhanced credibility that it provides your adult day care, assisted living home, group home or other setting that you may be working in. The American Caregiver Association is the only organization hat offers this facility accreditation, as the national certifying organization for caregivers and assisted living facilities.

In fact, there are endless reasons why you would want to acquire this accreditation for your adult care home well beyond what we outline above. At the end of the day, your reputation as a credible facility is priceless, which is why we offer this accreditation to you as a way to add value to what your organization.

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