I Need Caregiver Certification!

Look no further than the national leader in caregiver certification, the American Caregiver Association.  We are the most recognized name in the caregiver industry.  The ACA was founded in 1985 and became an official organization in 1989.  We have been around for a while now and over the years caregiver certification and training requirements have changed.   In fact, 26 years ago at the time of the ACA’s founding it is safe to say that no state, or very few offered any avenue to become a certified caregiver, and nothing existed at the national level until the advent of the American Caregiver Association.    

The trend has changed, and the paradigm is shifting.  Assisted living facilities now look for caregivers and assisted living managers to have certification through a national organization no different than a doctor would want to be a member or certified through the American Medical Association, or a lawyer through the American Bar Association.  The simple fact is that expectations change as the culture of a profession evolve, and with it an ever increasing higher standard.    The American Caregiver Association is that standard.    

Whether you are seeking an advantage over your competition in the job market, or looking to “pad” your resume, you will need and want to take our National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC), or our National Assisted Living Manager Course (NALMCC).  Both are self study and are completed on your time frame, not ours.  Most people (caregivers) find this invaluable, especially those with families and small children.   The NCCC course is a great refresher for more experienced caregivers and an excellent start for new and prospective caregivers.  The NALMCC course is designed for those caregivers wanting to move into a position of increased responsibility, but it can be taken along with the NCCC course.

For more information or to take our course visit the ACA at www.americancaregiverassociation.org