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Archive for May 2012

Who is the American Caregiver Association?

The American Caregiver Association is the National Standard for caregiver certification in the United States.  The ACA has been around since 1985 and as the National Standard we offer you a convenient and simple way to become a certified caregiver by taking our National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC).  Best of all , the NCCC course is inexpensive at only $79.00, which is just the way the ACA…

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What's the Process to Getting Caregiver Certified?

It’s easy to get certified with the American Caregiver Association.  Here’s the process step-by-step: 1.  Go to our website ( and purchase the National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC). 2.  Within 24 hours you will receive your NCCC course in your email inbox.   The manual is in pdf format. 3.  This is a self-study course, so read…

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