Lyft and Uber for Seniors

American Caregiver Association

Last Updated: March 29, 2019 Ride-sharing technology provided by companies like Lyft and Uber have the potential to lead to vast improvements in the lives of older adults with no means of transportation. However, most ride-sharing services to date have left seniors who don’t have access to smartphones, or who aren’t tech savvy, out of the equation completely.…

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Andy’s Smile Shows His Progress Two Years After Face Transplant

In 2016, Andy Sandness had a face transplant at Mayo Clinic. Now, 2½ years later, he’s savoring the little things in life many other people take for granted — like smiling. Two-and-a-half years ago, Andy Sandness was wheeled into an operating room at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus for a 56-hour marathon surgery to give him…

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How to Build Your Parent’s Personal Transportation Plan

Finding affordable and reliable transportation for a parent who doesn’t drive can be a challenge. That’s true even for senior loved ones in senior living communities because even though most communities make transportation available to seniors, information about those services can be hard to find. If this situation sounds familiar to you, read on for five tips on…

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