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General Caregiver Topics

American Caregiver Association is Certifying Caregivers Around the World

Many of you may not know or be aware that the American Caregiver Association is not only the national accrediting body for caregivers in the United States but the ACA is also the largest certifying organization in the world; certifying caregivers throughout the globe in many different countries. So, when you obtain your caregiver certification…

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Turning the Compass Toward New Understanding of Skin Disorders

A seasoned traveler, Lou Appignani relishes exploration and discovery. So when he was diagnosed with an inflammatory condition that affects his skin, he and his wife, Laurie, decided to contribute to medical research at Mayo Clinic to help dermatology experts unravel the mysteries behind skin disorders. As the door opens into Lou and Laurie Appignani’s…

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How to Communicate With Non-Verbal Senior Loved Ones

Being able to speak to loved ones is one of the foundations of a relationship. So what do you do when your parents or senior loved ones are no longer verbal? Learn more about how to communicate with non-verbal senior loved ones using these three research-based tips for continuing to enjoy your time together. 3 Steps to…

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