Support for the Working Family Caregiver – Professional Caregiver Webinar

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A seismic shift is happening in the workplace as more working individuals than ever before are becoming caregivers to their parents. Six in 10 caregivers report being employed at some point in the past year while caregiving, according to the report “Caregiving in the U.S.” Among them, 56perce… Read More

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Val Schache – Eager to Share and Bold as a Hyena

More at… There’s a saying among people who work with people with dementia: Meet one person with dementia and you’ve met one person with dementia. We can’t generalize among the diverse ways the 100-plus causes of dementia unfold in people’s lives. This has been The Caregivers Voice experience during t… Read More

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Understanding Stem Cells And Cord Blood For Treating Debilitating Diseases

More at… Stem cell treatments aren’t exactly new — these infinitely changeable cells have been used since the late 1980s, though they weren’t prominently advertised until the mid-2000s once the U.S. Government began the National Cord Blood Bank. Until then, many people didn’t even know that they … Read More

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