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Archive for August 2017

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Offers Tips For Traveling With People With Dementia

More at… https://alzfdn.org/alzheimers-foundation-america-offers-tips-traveling-people-dementia/

NEW YORK (July 18, 2017) — Traveling is a way to relax and recharge, but it can be stressful when things don’t go as planned.  That’s especially true for families who are traveling with a loved one living with dementia.  With the summer travel season in full swing, the Alzheimer’s Found… Read More

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4 Tips For Overcoming Life’s Most Traumatic Experiences

More at… https://thecaregiverspace.org/4-tips-for-overcoming-lifes-most-traumatic-experiences/

Wouldn’t it be great if our most difficult days came with Hollywood-happy endings? In the movies, when faced with the worst possible situations, our heroes rise to the occasion and find strength they never knew they had. But those who experience real-life traumas are just as likely to end up qu… Read More

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Healthy Nutrition and Mealtime for Seniors – Professional Caregiver Webinar

More at… http://www.caregiverstress.com/geriatric-professional-resources/development-training/healthy-nutrition-mealtime-seniors/

The more families know about the aging factors that can affect eating habits, the easier it will be to ensure their senior loved one maintains a healthy diet.

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