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Archive for April 2011

How to Obtain Caregiver License

Too Much There are so many company’s, schools and organizations offering a slue of online degrees that it can be overwhelming to sift through the haze and digest everything that seems to come at you at lightening speed.  It can be equally difficult to know what the “best” training match is for you in terms…

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The Perplexed Resident and Communication

No one would argue that attempting to communicate with your residents who are suffering the ill effects of a disorder like dementia can be challenging at best.  Clearly, it can be difficult for both the caregiver and the resident.  It is no secret that a large part of being a caregiver involves working with perplexed or confused residents. Having said this,…

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The National Standard for Caregivers

Over recent years there has been much debate about establishing a national standard for caregivers and caregiver training. Consequently, many organizations and individuals across the United States have come to the ACA asking us to put together a basic caregiver course that covers the essentials of this so very important job.  Likewise, it was asked…

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