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Archive for September 2017

Real Caregivers Share their Top Solutions for Bath Time Challenges

More at… https://www.caregiverstress.com/dementia-alzheimers-disease/elder-care/real-caregivers-share-top-solutions-bath-time-challenges/

Bathing resistance is a common challenge among family caregivers caring for a loved one with dementia. Peruse any online support group for Alzheimer’s or dementia caregiving and you will find dozens if not hundreds of threads created by caregivers frustrated by a loved one’s reluctance or ref… Read More

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16 Ways to Beef Up Your Alzheimer's Knowledge

More at… https://www.caregiverstress.com/geriatric-professional-resources/professional-development/16-ways-to-beef-up-your-alzheimers-knowledge/

Like any other day, Jake took a break from his shift at the warehouse to have lunch at the diner around the corner. Sally, the server, had come to know him quite well. She knew, for example, that Jake often took time off work to care for his dad, who had Alzheimer’s disease. “How’s your&#82… Read More

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As care shifts from hospital to home, guarding against infection falls to families

More at… https://thecaregiverspace.org/care-shifts-hospital-home-guarding-infection-falls-families/

Angela Cooper arrived home from work to discover her daughter’s temperature had spiked to 102 degrees – a sign that the teenager, who has cancer, had a potentially deadly bloodstream infection. As Cooper rushed her daughter to the hospital, her mind raced: Had she done something to ca… Read More

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REVIEW of And Then I Looked Up Dementia – Women Speak Out

More at… http://thecaregiversvoice.com/tcv-review/review-of-and-then-i-looked-up-dementia-women-speak-out/ Triple Jeopardy – Women with Dementia In this new video, And Then I Looked Up Dementia – Women Speak Out, the Global Alzheimer’s Dementia Action Alliance offers a powerful testament of women who live with dementia. Worldwide, caregivers and people with dementia are speaking out in… Read More

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I see you

More at… https://thecaregiverspace.org/i-see-you/

A few weeks ago, I was at the beach and I saw a young woman walking with her two little boys and her husband.  Her husband was disabled, walking with a cane and appearing to have lost some muscle function in his arms and legs.  I keep thinking about the woman and what I would […]

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I’m the perfect person to price shop for an operation. But the process went terribly

More at… https://thecaregiverspace.org/im-the-perfect-person-to-price-shop-for-an-operation-but-the-process-went-terribly/

After three months of using hot compresses to shrink the stye on my daughter’s eyelid, it wasn’t getting any smaller. My daughter is prone to this sort of growth, called a chalazion. This one would have to be removed surgically, like the one she had removed from the same eyelid two ye… Read More

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