How to Become a Caregiver

Here at the American Caregiver Association we often get asked how an individual can acquire additional training or certification beyond our National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC). The fact is, every state is different.  Likewise, every state, city or county offers different opportunities to obtain various types of certifications, many of which fall under the general heading of “caregiver.”  In a previous blog we pointed out that in this day and age there are a slue of different titles that fall under the heading of caregiver such as Personal Care Aide, Home Health Aide, Personal Care Assistant and so forth.

The problem is that people seeking to get “certified” as a caregiver get confused by all of the different titles and don’t know which course to take that matches their needs or interests.  The ACA gets around 200 emails a week concerning this issue and the emails are increasing.  Of course, we’re always happy to talk with prospective caregivers and attempt to answer questions as best we can, but sometimes we sense the legitimate frustration from people over this issue.  The bottom line is this.   Do your homework, and don’t be fooled by those looking to make a quick buck.

Fortunately, the American Caregiver Association is here to take care of your caregiver certification at the National level, but when it comes to local organizations that is a whole different animal altogether.  A good place to start is at your state’s department of health services.  They will typically have information concerning certification (if any), or can direct you to someone who can assist you with your search.  As always, good luck caregivers and remember to take “care” of yourself!