Resident Skin Care

One of the more important jobs that you will perform in the assisted living environment includes the prevention and treatment of skin problems.  While skin care is important to all of us, it is even more critical with respect to the residents in your care home simply because they are more vulnerable.  More particularly, as you age your skin breaks down much easier, thus making it equally easy to acquire bacterial infections.  Healthy skin helps protect you from bacterial infections and other diseases.  Your skin also helps in controlling your body temperature. 

As a caregiver part of your job is to see that skin integrity is not compromised to a level that would be harmful to the resident.  Maintaining healthy skin is not necessarily a difficult or arduous task, but it is a  vital aspect of the overall health and welfare of your residents.  It also says alot about how well your residents are being cared for in your home.  Keeping your residents skin clean and dry goes a long way toward your effort to maintain the integrity of their skin.  As a caregiver or assisted living manager you should conduct regular inspections of your residents skin as an integral part of prevention.  As always, keep up the good job you do caregivers!