Surviving as a Caregiver: Be Compassionate, Be Tough

For many caregivers it’s tough out their trying to make ends meet.   On top of making ends meet anyone in the caregiver profession understands that being a caregiver is no easy job, but it’s important and rewarding.   Likewise, it takes a great deal of genuine compassion and stamina to be a caregiver.  

At the American Caregiver Association we believe that because you do such a [tough] job, it’s equally important to be just as tough inside as you are compassionate outside to survive as a caregiver in this job market.  This said, while many jobs may be shrinking in demand the caregiver profession is not.  That’s the good news. 

In fact, the demand for qualified (certified) caregivers is increasing.  This trend will continue in the coming years and decades as our Baby Boomers reach retirement and subsequently need home health care services, personal care or assisted living care.   As such, there will be many opportunities in the future where caregivers can care for those who need it.

Despite the good news, things such as the economy do influence our job opportunities to a degree.  Some of that “degree” is slight and unnoticeable, and sometimes its more overt and right in our face.   The key is to maintain focus, be prepared, get training, and stay on top of things.  Keep an edge, keep in good health and keep things in order in all aspects of your life.

The better you take care of yourself, the better prepared you will be to take care of your residents.  Being a good caregiver doesn’t simply mean “showing up” for work, it means a whole lot more.  Do what ever you reasonable can to improve your situation; to position yourself better, not just financially. 

This can come from many forms, such as volunteering, extra training classes, working toward a degree and building your social network.   All of these things and those previously mentioned will go a long way toward helping you survive as a caregiver.