What do Employers Look for in an Assisted Living Manager?

Employers looking to hire an assisted living manager look for individuals who are able to lead, train and motivate staff.  This is particularly true of larger assisted facilities, or corporate care homes.  More specifically, as an assisted living managers you should have strong analytical, negotiation and team-building skills as well as the ability to make sound and logical decisions.

Other helpful skills and qualifications include computer literacy, excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills (verbal and non-verbal). These kinds of skills are necessary when you deal with such tasks as the admission and orientation of new residents upon their acceptance into your facility or care home.

Similarly, depending on the assisted living facility, you may be delegated to handle scheduling, reviewing and paying staff.  Likewise, you will be working with other care providers and other assisted living employees to develop and implement activities, exercise classes and other programs that encourage healthy mental and physical stimulation for residents at various levels of care.  

As always, keep up the great work caregivers, managers and assisted living facility owners!