Give the Gift of Caregiver Certification

You know, every year when Christmas rolls around we are barraged with commercials about “what to buy” for our loved ones and friends.  In the end the kids get their toys, mom gets a new snow globe and a clock, and dad gets another bag of underwear, some socks, and maybe a new tie.  However, for some people the holidays aren’t so joyful, especially if you’re out of work, struggling to get by, or even “just managing.”  A new year probably doesn’t change any of these situations either.   

This said, here at the ACA we very much have a “glass half full” philosophy.”   As such, we’re here to encourage you not to give up, keep pushing, YOU CAN DO IT!   If you are interested in health care work there are jobs out their, but you need to be certified.   In getting certified you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg either.  That’s why the American Caregiver Association is here. The ACA has been around since 1985 and we are the national standard for caregiver, assisted living manager certification and assisted living owner accreditation.   The best part is that are certification isn’t going to cost you an arm or a leg.  Quite the contrary.

At only $79.00, you can acquire National Caregiver Certification (NCCC).  If you’re looking for a change, or would like to pad your resume consider giving yourself or a friend the gift of caregiver certification.  You can purchase any course for a friend or family member with your own credit card and we will take care of the rest.  All you have to do is let us know who the course is for when you go through the payment process.  It’s that simple.  As always, remember to take “care” of yourself caregivers.  God bless and happy holidays to all.