Making and Keeping Your Commitment

Once the decision has been made to place your loved one into a care home it’s vital that the decision is backed by a commitment.   Often times what we see is that once a family member moves into an assisted living facility they find themselves more alone than ever despite being surrounded many other seniors in the facility.  The bottom line is this.  Before you move your mom, dad, sister or brother into a care home make sure what responsibilities you are willing to take on.

Just the same, make good and well sure that your family member/s (if any) have clarified what they are able to do to help out.   It might be that a family member can only provide transportation, and if this is the case get that commitment from them.   The key is to be honest with one another and to discuss what each is willing and able to do, and then follow through on your commitment.   In other words, keep your word, and remember why you are doing what you are doing.