National Assisted Living Facility Accreditation (NALFA)

The ACA is the accrediting entity for assisted living facilities in the U.S.   If  you are looking to improve your status, upgrade your credentials or simply be a part of the American Caregiver Association, becoming an accredited member of the ACA does all of this and more. 

With this in mind we encourage you to join the thousands upon thousands of NALFA accredited assisted living facilities across the United States and reap the benefits of certification.   Get the respect and recognition that your facility deserves by proudly displaying your ACA accreditation certificate in your assisted living facility or care home.  

When you hang our certification on your wall you let caregivers and family members know that designation as an accredited NALFA member is important.  It also gives them peace of mind and more assurance that your facility is willing and eager to professionalize itself, and this is what any facility should want.

Accreditation is only $49.00 and is good for two years.  Any questions?  Email the ACA at  Good luck in 2012, and remember, if you are not a certified caregiver with the ACA then get certified and give family members, friends, and those you care for that peace of mind they deserve.