Resident Agreements

Most assisted living facilities have what are called resident or admission agreements.  These agreements are a written document that outline the specific rights and responsibilities of both the resident and the facility.   Probably the most important thing to remember about the resident agreement is making sure that all of the necessary “language” is included within the agreement, such as  the condition of the facility and the type of care included. 

On its most basic level the idea here is to ensure that both the resident (and/or representative) and the facility have a mutual understanding about the agreement.   It’ s worth considering having a nurse or other qualified individual review the agreement prior to signing it.  Make sure that you speak up if you see something in the agreement that you do not agree with, or have questions about, even if you believe it to be insignificant.  Sometimes “insignificant” can get “significant” very fast! 

Finally, after the agreement is signed make sure that the family member or representative responsible for the resident gets at least two copies of the agreement, and keep them in a place where they can be referenced if needed.