Caregiver Training: Continuing Education Units

Hello Caregivers,

It seems simple enough, get certified then start work as a caregiver.  But wait, what about on-going training?  Many states require that caregivers take what are often referred to as “CEUs”,or continuing education units.  Usually caregivers are expected to take around 12 hours of on-going training  annually, but sometimes the months roll by and caregivers or supervisors overlook this requirement,  wait to the last minute to get the CEU hours in, or simply forget. 

Allot of the problems stem from the fact that some assisted living facilities struggle with the issue of being understaffed.  Likewise, many care homes may have a difficult time finding another caregiver to fill in for a caregiver out on CEU training.   The bottom line here is that it is the caregiver’s and/or the assisted living facilitie’s responsibility to ensure that you acquire the necessary annual training hours to maintain your skills and keep up to date on the latest information in your field.   

In some cases if you do not fulfill the CEU requirement your certification may be suspended, or placed on “inactive”  status until you complete the required CEU hours.  If you are not sure if you need CEUs or you do not know how many CEU hours are required annually talk to your supervisor or training coordinator.  Keep up the good work caregivers!