Positive Upcoming Changes

The ACA has a slue of positive upcoming changes that are in the works.   These changes will be taking place over the next 24-36 months and will include a number of smaller benefits and some larger ones as well. 

Some of the changes include providing  certified caregivers with identification cards.  These caregiver ID cards can be kept in your purse or wallet and when needed, presented to employers or prospective employers as verification of certification with the ACA.  Another change that is being worked on as we speak involves an advanced caregiver course. 

One of the bigger changes will include the ACA providing hands-on training in specified locations around the country.   This change comes as a result of the ACA’s commitment to leading the way in caregiver education as the National Standard for caregiver certification, assisted living manager certification and care home accreditation.  

Stayed tuned!