Caregiver Certificate

The ACA receives thousands of calls and emails each day from people asking about the abundance of online caregiver certificate courses out their.  No question, it can be a bit confusing if you are not aware of “who is who” in the industry. As the nation’s leading caregiver certifying organization, the American Caregiver Association wants to ensure that you are headed to the right place when it comes time to acquire that caregiver certificate.

While there may be many caregiver training programs available there is only one parent organization when it comes to obtaining your caregiver certificate, and that organization is the American Caregiver Association. Years ago, the ACA took on the challenge of ensuring that every individual that cares for an elderly person becomes a certified caregiver. And, the ACA is proud to say that we have not stopped pursuing that challenge from day one. 

The American Caregiver Association continues to be the leader in certifying caregivers and assisted living managers across the United States. We will continue to be that organization that everyone goes to when it comes time help those either placed into a position as a caregiver and need to learn more about the field, or those who want to work in the caregiver industry in some capacity.

In either case, our seniors need qualified caregivers. One way the American Caregiver Association helps toward that goal is to ensure that those interested in becoming caregivers have gone through our program and acquired a caregiver certificate from the ACA. As the nation’s leading caregiver certifying organization it is our responsibility to promote our role as the parent certifying entity and make Americans aware of where to go when they want, or need to  acquire a caregiver certificate.

Another way we try to make you aware is through our monthly blogs.  If you notice, our blogs are diverse in nature and cover a wide variety of caregiver related topics that are all relative to the caregiver industry in practical ways. As such, they are informative but they also helpful in terms of helping you to understand the responsibilities of being a caregiver even if you opt not to obtain a caregiver certificate.

Ultimately, if you are going to be caring for a loved one, or working in an assisted living environment on some level you need to be certified, and the American Caregiver Association is here to assist you along that path. Make sure that when you are conducting your search for a caregiver certificate that your search lands you where you need to be; with the American Caregiver Association.