American Caregiver Association Leading the Way in Caregiver Certification

As people look to pursue a career in the adult caregiver field they might find themselves looking around and wondering where they should start. We receive phone calls everyday from people wanting to work in the industry, but are as bemused as we are by all of the different titles attached to caregivers (i.e., Direct Care Worker, Home Health Aid, Personal Care Assistant, etc.).

Note: Please check out earlier posts concerning the various “titles” attached to caregivers.

Once people finally figure out what ‘title’ they want to have they then go out in search of training that will provide them with said title.  Usually, after they have made several calls to other organizations and perused the Web for a while,  we get their phone call.  And, usually they are typically just as bewildered and frustrated as they were when they started their search.

The call is a great opportunity for both the caller and the ACA because it allows the ACA to clarify some of the issues and myths surrounding caregiver certification, the training involved, and so on. Likewise, the call provides the ACA with the opportunity to direct the caller toward the various career paths that are available to them as a caregiver.

Further, the primary goal outside of our role as the national certifying entity for adult caregivers, is to ensure that caregivers are armed with the correct information when they initiate their pursuit of a career as a caregiver. This means clarifying and untangling the mess of the aforementioned ‘titles’ attached to the caregiver industry. It also means inquiring information about the caller’s background, and matching their background to potential opportunities that often times they are unaware of.

Ultimately, the ACA prides itself in providing quality customer service and prompt responses to phone calls and emails. In the same way, we pride ourselves in conveying accurate, clear and helpful information so that people can make informed decisions about what type of training and certification they need and want. There is nothing we enjoy more than ending a phone call knowing that we have been able to pass on knowledge to the caller that will help them make good decisions, and give them the confidence they need to work toward their goals; having a better foundation to work from as they pursue their goals, whatever they may be.

The ACA will continue to lead the way as the national certifying organization for adult caregivers. And, we will also lead the way as an ally and friend to caregivers all across America and around the world.  We are honored and privileged to have this designation and we will work diligently to maintain the highest standard in the field as the model and parent organization for caregivers.