Believe it or not when you are looking for work as a caregiver rest assured there is one thing that a potential employer will do. What is it?  They are going to contact the American Caregiver Association and ascertain your status in the National Caregiver Registry (NCR), the Official registry for caregivers in the United States. As a caregiver, you should be aware that potential employers are not always going to advise you that this is being done. More often than not, no one is going to tell you that an inquiry into your NCR status is being conducted. What does this mean for you?

When prospective employers contact the ACA they expect to learn that you have completed a certification course with the ACA, and are in “good standing” in the NCR. They also expect to learn that you are on “active” status in the NCR, meaning you have not let your certification expire. This is where it gets critical for you, the caregiver. When it’s determined that you are not in the NCR or you have allowed your certification to lapse, our data indicates that prospective employers will not hire you in most cases. Gone, is your opportunity.

So, how do you ensure that you are in the National Caregiver Registry and in good standing? Simple. Get certified, and make sure that you do not allow your certification to lapse. More importantly, do not do anything that would compromise the integrity of either yourself, or the caregiver profession. This cannot be stressed enough. Do the right thing at all times, especially when no one is looking. Remember, you have been entrusted to [care] for those who are vulnerable and desperately need you to perform your duties to the highest standard possible.

First things first though. Get certified, and get into the National Caregiver Registry, then go out and do an awesome job for our seniors. Get your caregiver certification by visiting our website and choosing the certification package that meets your needs and goals. Along with your course or bundle package, you should also order your caregiver ID card.

The caregiver ID is a credit card size pocket version of your certification that is connected to the National Caregiver Registry.  The cards are only issued by the ACA and make your life as a caregiver much easier when inquiries are made about your certification status. You can simply pull the card from your purse or wallet and present it to anyone making the inquiry.

Any questions about certification or the NCR? Don’t hesitate to contact the ACA either by phone or email. In the mean time, good luck out there and keep up all of the wonderful work that you do!