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Archive for May 2018

Retirement Dollars for Men vs. Women, Assisted Living Decline, Loss of Privacy, and more

More at… The Caregiver’s Voice features five curated-article excerpts this month, including tips for caregivers, declining assisted living numbers, women’s finances in retirement, and loss of privacy balanced against convenient access to information. Click on titles for more information. Women Ha… Read More

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You Look Familiar – Ira and Sandy’s Dance with Dementia

More at… Married almost 40 years after a poorly worded pick-up line, Ira and Sandy Asherman now live with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. That was Sandy’s evaluation during a workshop lead by Ira in Glens Falls, New York, more than 40 years ago. She replied, “You can do better…&#822… Read More

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It’s Time to Have a Conversation About Your Health Care Decisions

More at… (Many thanks to our guest blogger Laura E. Bender, a Ph.D. student in health services research at the University of Washington School of Medicine.) Conversations about the end of your life can be scary, sad or awkward. But these conversations also can be comfortable. A few years ago, on a flight fr… Read More

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