Many of you may not know or be aware that the American Caregiver Association is not only the national accrediting body for caregivers in the United States but the ACA is also the largest certifying organization in the world; certifying caregivers throughout the globe in many different countries. So, when you obtain your caregiver certification with the American Caregiver Association you are becoming part of the largest family of caregivers in the world, and we think that’s pretty special. We think that you are pretty special too. What you do is hard, and yes, rewarding. But sometimes we forget that there are many other caregivers out there, not just in the United States but throughout the world that are doing the same exact things that you are doing as a caregiver.

Yes, it seems hard to imagine sometimes, but a caregiver in a small remote island has gone through the same caregiver certification course as you! You don’t know each other but you both do the same job helping others live just a little higher quality of life. And, hopefully some of the tools, techniques and strategies that you picked up from your caregiver certification course with us has provided you with a few things that you can use on the job.

In a way, it’s very exciting to think about someone from far away having gone through the same course and doing the same thing as you, even when you might find yourself bogged down with work life, stress, obligations (and so much more) stop for a moment every now and then, and realize that there are millions of other caregivers throughout the world doing exactly what you are doing. They know what you’re going through, they understand it and they ‘get it. Sometimes it just helps to just stop and breathe, and realize that you are not alone.

As the national certifying body for caregivers, we are truly proud to have our association represented so well around the world, and to be the national certifying organization in the United States that leads the way in our industry. We support all hard working caregivers out there and have the same concern for you all. We want the best for you all in life and career. We also want the best care being provided for your clients, family members or loved ones.

Here’s a pat (“pat, pat”) on the back for what you do. Always remember that a pat on the back goes a long way, whoever you are, or wherever you are in the world as a caregiver. So, to all of you wonderful caregivers around the world who are part of the ACA family, thank you for what you do.


The ACA Care Team