Doing Business As Membership Designation with the American Caregiver Association

As the national accrediting body for caregivers, the American Caregiver Association offers a variety of caregiver certification courses to meet your training needs. In addition to our many caregiver courses, the ACA also nationally accredits assisted living facilities, home health companies and self-employed caregivers.

An important part of accreditation for these entities and individuals is the acquisition of a DBA or ‘Doing Business As’ designation in the National Caregiver Registry, or NCR. The NCR is not only the official caregiver registry at the national level, but the National Caregiver Registry also serves as a rating system for organizations and individuals looking to enhance their credibility.

And, when prospective clients, family members or other interested parties are looking to verify your credentials in the National Caregiver Registry what they are wanting to ascertain is whether or not you, or your organization have a DBA designation with the American Caregiver Association, and if you are in good standing as a DBA member of the ACA.

To pick up your DBA membership with the American Caregiver Association please visit our website at, then click onto the Online Store at the top of our website. Scroll down to Memberships and ‘Select Options.’

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