Rethinking the Goal of 10,000 Steps a Day #shorts

Brian Smith has always been an active guy. The 32-year-old editor from Santa Fe, NM , enjoys hiking, mountain biking, skiing – anything outdoors, and you can probably count him in. But when his daughter was born about 6 months ago, time for all those activities shrank, and Smith found himself left with the easiest, most convenient type of exercise available to him: walking.

What Smith has found interesting is that he feels almost as fit and healthy as a walker as he does with his other activities. And because he wears a smartwatch, he’s aware of his step count, which is typically around 8,500 per day. Turns out, that number is probably spot-on for decreasing the rates of death from all causes. #walking #steps #10ksteps #walkforlife #walkforhealth #healthylifestyle #webmd #shorts